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RABBI Andrey Schmaitser,

Aliyah messianic congregation, Dnipro

"One New Man Prayer Breakfasts help to bring us together and overcome centuries-old alienation, misunderstanding, and sometimes animosity between Jews who believe in the Messiah and believers from other nations."

PASTOR Dima Kolesnik,

Hosanna Church,


“Having a One New Man Prayer Breakfast provide us with a great opportunity to strengthen, deepen, and nurture relationships of love and oneness in Christ Jesus." 


Sister Angelina

Messianic leader

I really appreciate the fact that our speakers serve as pastors. Their understanding of Jewish roots makes their teaching really influential. I recommend ONM Prayer Breakfast since it gives a greater understanding of what it is like to be exposed to real ministry bringing first Jews and then Gentiles for salvation.

Pastor Volodymyr, Charismatic leader

I loved that I could learn valuable information through a prayer breakfast. Especially how Messianic and Evangelical can gather together despite the differences and sometimes enmity between them. Good prayer time with our brothers from Messianic church.

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