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How our One New man journey began

In 2015 God gave us the vision of gathering Jewish and Gentile leaders in the Body of Jesus/Yeshua for a conference in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine. We had a desire to teach on the Jewish roots of Christianity and to highlight the Holocaust and the enmity towards the Jewish people found so often throughout Church history.  


We started with just 30 participants but the response was fantastic and we knew that a seed had been sown that was going to grow. Conference followed conference in different corners of Ukraine and the attendance grew and grew as the vision spread.  Leaders started joining us from the nations around Ukraine and it was clear God was blessing the vision and building a network. What also became clear to us was that as Jewish and Gentile leaders in the Body stood shoulder to shoulder a genuine expression of the One New Man expressed in Ephesians 2 had been born. 



David grew up in a Jewish family and later had a radical encounter with the Holy Spirit that convinced him that Yeshua is the Messiah. Through his journey of exploring what it meant to be a Jewish believer David became convinced of the importance for all believers of understanding the Jewishness of Jesus and what it really means that we are One New Man together. His book, the Jewish Jesus, was published by Destiny Image and captures this understanding in an accessible and engaging format. He speaks in churches, conferences, and Messianic congregations on these and related subjects.


Piers is a Gentile who grew up in mainstream church. The only Jewish people he knew as a child were found in Bible stories. During his theology degree he was challenged on the unity of Scripture and was lead to the importance of the Jewish people as the thread that weaves the Bible together. Without the Jewish people in the picture God has not kept His promises. From this and the blessing of walking alongside Jewish followers of Yeshua/Jesus the reality and blessing of the One New Man was born in his life. Piers travels widely speaking and writing on this and other topics.

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