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The One New Man Network through The David House UK Charity is providing emergency aid and help to refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine as well as providing funding to churches in the conflict zones to bless and help their communities.


Since the war in Ukraine began we have directly helped over 8000 refugees to go through One New Man Network of churches and Messianic congregations. Providing tons of food, personal hygiene products, medical treatment and fuel for transportation as well as providing lodging in churches and homes. 


Refugees fleeing fighting in the east right now are distributed among a number of different churches in Zaporizhzhia or Dnipro before traveling to central or western Ukraine through a chain of One New Man Network member churches. This is possible because of the amazing bonds of the One New Man between the leaders and from supporters from outside Ukraine.


We continue to stand together, sending regular support to members of the One New Man Network, to enable them to carry out their ministries.

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Conflict Zones

The One New Man Network exists in every corner of Ukraine and we are very active inside the conflict zones to feed and support those who are stranded in their homes or drive to safety those who want to be evacuated. This even includes distributing funds to One New Man pastors in occupied areas who have to conduct their ministry in secret. With incredible bravery our leaders venture right up to the front lines and are salt and light where ever they go. Sharing the gospel and helping all in need. 


For more information on how to make a donation by cheque or through your bank please email

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